What We Believe

Individuals create healthy cultures and healthy culture thrives in the presence of strategic action supported over time.
There is no health without mental health: at work, at home, or in our communities.
Our best quality of life must be supported by health-promoting environments rooted in genuine concern.

Workplace wellness that begins with your commitment becomes a lived experience
with our expertise; contact us today.

Healthy Workplaces

Consulting for
Healthy Workplaces

We specialize in projects that contribute to a healthy
workplace culture and foster positive mental health at work.

Our areas of expertise include workplace
training and project management for
psychological safety including:

  • Workplace mental health awareness
  • Mental health stigma eradication
  • Post-traumatic incident education
  • Diversity training and respectful workplace education
  • Workplace peer support
  • Workplace stress solutions

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Healthy People

Coaching for
Healthy People

In quality of life coaching, we assess your values and past success-builders, and apply them to today’s challenge. We also put your success foundation to work as you balance workplace, family, and personal choices and come to terms with self-esteem and self-efficacy issues.

Our clients are people seeking to:

  • Nurture healthy careers for themselves and their colleagues.
  • Create a measurable workplace mental health strategy
  • Respond to mental health issues with genuine concern
  • Make sustainable change toward a healthy culture
  • Decrease the costs associated with workplace disability